Teaching Philosophy:

What sets It Takes a Village a part from traditional Preschools?


It Takes a Village (ITV) understands the importance to cultivate the love of learning and foundational needs of your young ones. Preparedness for the years to come through applied academia,  holistic learning and empowerment through positive self-identification and leadership is our emphasis during these formative years. It is our knowing that by the age of 6 children have set the tone for who they will become! We are honored to be of service to you and your young ones!



How will we do This?


ITV will achieve this through focusing on Emergent Curriculum, Socio-Emotional Development, Nature Re-Integration, Applied Learning, Montessori inspired curriculum and Cross-Cultural Immersion.


Emergent Curriculum

Emergent-Curriculum is not a linear process in learning, it is organic and specific to the child. It is constantly evolving in response to your childs changing needs and interests. Each of these key elements shapes the direction for future learning. An Emergent Curriculum ensures your child won't "slip through the cracks". The teacher asserts a continual process of both observing and engaging your child where they are at, expounding on their strengths and creating solutions specific to your child to support them in their spaces of challenge. 


Every program needs a carefully planned Social-Emotional component. All children—those who enter first or second grade with an ability to understand their emotions, have a strong sense of an empowered self, feel comfortable making friends and have been given leadership opportunities, excel. Those for whom these skills are more difficult—benefit from intentional teaching in this area.

A synthesis of research on development during the early years prepared by the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child (2007) indicates that emotional well-being and social competence provide a strong foundation for brain development and emerging cognitive abilities.


Social-emotional competence will influence all areas of development, including academic, social, physical health and immune health. They also affect how the individual functions later in life both inter-personal situations and in the workplace.

Nature Re-Integration

Studies have shown that time outdoors helps students succeed in school, improving memory, problem solving, and creativity. Even more importantly our children are inheriting an earth facing environmental challenges and it is important to offer children the opportunity to develop a relationship of integrity with the natural world through awareness and learned respect and appreciation. Children who spend time in nature are also physically healthier and more likely to take action for nature as adults.

We foster a nature connection in your child through lesson plans that; integrate aspects of nature, maintain living plants and animals in the classroom, incorporate hands on care taking of plant life, and learning about life-cycles through Montessori curriculum. Children will learn sustainability first hand by participating in a rich permaculture program, where growing and eating their food while care taking the natural environment is an inherent aspect of daily life. This program will promote an elevated awareness of nutritional content and allows a level of physical rigor to keep children active.

Montessori Inspired Curriculum

Wouldn't you agree you learn best by doing rather than memorizing? Would you agree that you absorb information better when it is by choice and on your terms? Do you want your child to find the joy in learning, be inspired into their creative selves and empowered by the respect of the adults around them who offer them choice?

The Montessori Method is a sensory-based, self-directed learning. Structured by specific sequencing of how and what materials the children are exposed to for their choosing, based on developmental needs. The child is then guided through group learning then quality one on one learning with a knowledgeable instructor.

We support the transition from Montessori learning into the public school system by creating balance, integrating some common core work through traditional means such as paper assignments, however we do not grade the child, rather offer quarterly assessments to share at parent teacher meetings.

Surpassing the standards of the common core and the strength in the socio- emotional development, communication skills, self empowerment and identity developed serves as the best start for your child when/if they change environments from small classroom sizes to larger classrooms.

Cross-Cultural Immersion

A great gift we can pass down to our children is cultural competence. In this spirit all ITV children will benefit from a balanced cultural representation in the learning materials, classroom images and throughout the course curriculum.


The curriculum is designed to provide basic cross-cultural information. We explore this by bringing awareness to geographical landscapes, traditions, cultural attire, holidays and lifestyles abroad. With intent to fill the gap... We ensure the learning applies accurate historical content, positive reinforcement and cultural context pertinent to black demographics. 

Teachers model a love and curiosity of self and others. This inspires a deeper level of self awareness, empowerment and joy of “diversity” in the children.