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The Queens Project MISSION is to elevate Women Of Color through experiences that support their HEALING, CREATIVITY & BECOMING.




ransformational Experiences 

dvocacy in Art

elationship building


Wellness... /ˈwelnəs/ noun

  1. The state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Elevation...  /ˌeləˈvāSH(ə)n/ noun

1.the action or fact of elevating or being elevated.

synonyms:promotion, upgrading, advancement, preferment.

Innovation... /inəˈvāSH(ə)n/ noun

  1. the action or process of innovating.

    synonyms:change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough;

Culture...  /ˈkəlCHər/ noun

  1. The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Infinite Milam

Founder & Director


Infinite is a multi-disciplinary Healing Artist, Transformation Coach, Activist and Educator.  She has traveled the world with the sacred intention of exploring the human experience, accessing wisdom & tools to facilitate change that promotes holistically well communities & earth for future generations.

As a literary and fine artist, Infinite walks the line between the mystical & the functional. Her mixed-media work is a visual commentary reflecting back the journey of life, in themes of creation, mysticism, celebration, self inquiry. Other subjects explore intercultural communication and social justice and propose new iconographies of peace. These explorations are represented through found objects, symbols, sacred geometry & archetypal figures.

A self taught artist, Infinite feels free from those rules, which would only be broken. She is inspired by textures that reflect nature, recycled or found materials & rich color.

Infinite is influenced by her travels, years of cross cultural studies amongst indigenous tribes & love of the natural world.

Her literary craft and mixed media art often collide, bringing learned wisdom teachings, poetry & quotes, to life.

Infinite’s intention is to evoke curiosity, inspire, uplift, and support the transformation of others through her art.

Her work is found in private collections in the Pacific Northwest.

Reyshard Eljmbah

Creative Director, Stylist, Artist

Singer, songwriter, actor, film producer

"The Emerald City RockStar"
At the age of ten, artist Reyshard first knew of his destiny as artist. This was followed by years down the line studying music, high fashion, styling, acting, songwriting and recording. He starting out in the beauty business sharing his artistic freedom of expression his wisdom the that all queens all unconventional beauty should always have a seat at the table world wide Though a Seattle native Reyshard Elsemaj's mantra is "You have to take the journey with me through the experience of my my art and mystery. While listening, follow me through a timeless space as I use my gifts to bring people together in the spirit of unity to promote positive social change, love, and respect and lookin good upon your arrival - you will know me".

Reyshard's confidence in himself has brought him to this point and will inevitably carry him to the next. Join in the fun and support one of the emerald city's premier artist.

Mujale Chisebuka

Set Coordinator

I’ve come to the conclusion that  my ability to create and be creative is my super power. With this super power I can amplify my voice or use my gift to explore theories and  concepts otherwise deemed impossible. I believe that I cannot limit myself to one media or medium if I want to reach the highest

levels of my creative powers. This belief is evident in the diversity of my work  and how I use it to impact people.

I’m originally from Zambia Africa and I moved to Washington when I was 5. My artistic journey started at the age of three when I stumbled upon my father drawing.  I asked if I could try it, and from that day on I never looked back. I’ve always had a curiosity for life and a love for people. Coupled with my  love for the arts, this led  me to draw everyone and everything I saw. Through this process, I fell in love with and fully embraced my Zambian culture. Since moving to Washington, my passion for the arts, curiosity for life, and love for  people has helped me to fully embrace American culture as well.

Growing up in a Zambian household and being surrounded by American culture, I have developed a love and understanding for both cultures and infused them into my art. Having a strong love for my heritage  while  also connecting to the American culture, (which is filled with  many cultures)  has given me a rich experience that feeds my mind, body, and soul - enhancing my creativity.

Jasmin Williams


Born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Seattle, Washington, Jasmin is the third oldest of seven. She was homeschooled most of her life with her siblings and developed an interest in Performing Arts. Jasmin began writing at the age of thirteen. She wrote many excerpts, ideas, and outlines on potential stories she created. At sixteen, she started her first year at Everett Community College (EvCC) in the Youth Re-Engagement (U3) program, where she attained her High School Diploma and a Associate's Degree. She continued her education as a transfer student at University of Washington Bothell (UWB) pursing a Bachelor’s Degree in Culture, Literature, and Arts with a Minor in Creative Writing.


Jasmin is currently a senior student and interning for a consulting firm named Ideal Connection Consultants (ICC) with a mission to be the bridge for small business to offer specialized services to support their needs and goals. 
She hopes to gain knowledge and experience in networking and making a difference in the community. As a member of the NAACP Seattle King County, Jasmin assists the Healthcare Chair person in organizing, lobbying and supporting workshops on Health and Wellness.


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