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The Queens Project
Coffee Table Photography

The Queens Project is a compilation of Photographic Essays and Collective Wisdom.

To Celebrate, Inspire, Empower.

This body of work is a creative study & ethnoautobiography. It features some of the PNWs Black Women of Excellence as they embody their most elevated selves in a series of portraits of alter egos & share their personal narratives that explore identity, empowerment & strength as leaders, lovers and visionaries.

                                        -Infinite Milam


- To affirm a positive narrative of what is good, true and beautiful in the black community.

-To inspire cross-cultural bridging through the art of storytelling.

- To Challenge the "Better Sameness" Mentality. The idea that we all must fit into societal norms and compete to be the better versions of everyone else.

- To support innovation, expression, creativity... the diverse and luminous spectrum of the black experience.

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