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Creatrix Rise: Sister Circle for Women of Color

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12 Hours

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Creatrix Rise: Sister Circle for Women of Color


Infinite Milam

Infinite Milam: Artivist, Sacred Ceremonialist, Life Coach, Meditation Instructor, Healing arts Practitioner

About the course

6 month Cohort | June 19th-Nov 15 | 5:30-7pm | Africatown Center 3100 S Alaska ST 98108

Connect, Laugh, Grow, Love, Celebrate through Reclamation of Feminine Magic! This sister circle is designed to encourage our authentic, wild and free nature, connect with the Joy the ancestors had in mind when creating us.

Our Why?
What we stand for and who we stand with has impact on our confidence, outlook, opportunities and ability to see ourselves. Queens of color gather to inspire & celebrate each other. Sacred space is created for our, sharing, Unlearning, Relearning, and Reframing as Community Leaders, Healers, Mentors.

May we become the salve that brings elevation to the next 7 generations.

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